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Please note that orders being shipped out of the United States will typically carry a 10% increase in price due to document fees.
P.O Box 1587
Brandon FL 33509
Phone: (813)689-6706 or (800)237-7794
Fax: (813)684-5856
E-mail: jillian@billmooreco.com
Supplier #1040
Box Size
Box Charges $7; $30-$55 under minimum fee
Pack (100CP) 600/bx;Da/Gr/Bg 400/bx
Minimums URC 3K; RC 600
FOB Point of Origin
Total no of Plant(s) : 3227
Image Botanical Name Common Name Class/Size Price
Acalypha Firetail UR 100var Firetail Acalypha 0.146
Adromiscus cooperi UR 100var cooperi Adromiscus 0.709
Adromiscus cristatus UR 100var cristatus Adromiscus 0.709
Adromiscus maculatus UR 100var maculatus Adromiscus 0.709
Aeonium arborescens green UR 100var arborescens green Aeonium 0.576
Aeonium arborescens nigrum UR 100var arborescens nigrum Aeonium 0.626
Aeonium Kiwi UR 100var Kiwi Aeonium 0.576
Aeonium Pinwheel UR 100var Pinwheel Aeonium 0.458
Aloe arborescens UR 100var arborescens Aloe 0.739
Aloe aristata UR 100var aristata Aloe 0.551
Aloe ciliaris UR 100var ciliaris Aloe 0.721
Aloe dannyz UR 100var dannyz Aloe 0.739
Aloe distance UR 100var distance Aloe 0.721
Aloe franco UR 100var franco Aloe 0.739
Aloe guido UR 100var guido Aloe 0.739
Aloe humilis UR 100var humilis Aloe 0.721
Aloe jucunda UR 100var jucunda Aloe 0.721
Aloe juvenna pepe UR 100var juvenna pepe Aloe 0.721
Aloe juvenna UR 100var juvenna Aloe 0.721
Aloe melanacantha UR 100var melanacantha Aloe 0.721
Aloe mitriformis UR 100var mitriformis Aloe 0.721
Aloe mororgoroensis UR 100var mororgoroensis Aloe 0.721
Aloe neon light UR 100var neon light Aloe 0.739
Aloe nobilis UR 100var nobilis Aloe 0.721
Aloe pink blush UR 100var pink blush Aloe 0.739
Aloe squarrosa UR 100var squarrosa Aloe 0.601
Aloe variegata hybrid UR 100var variegata hybrid Aloe 0.614
Aloe variegata UR 100var variegata Aloe 0.721
Aloe vera Green 3in UR 100var Green vera Aloe 0.658
Aloe vera Grey 3in UR 100var Grey vera Aloe 0.658