For various reasons, including late cancellations of orders, our suppliers often have excess inventory that needs to be moved quickly. Sometimes the pricing is very special while at other times material in high demand becomes available. In either case you should place orders immediately if you want the material. Please contact us by phone, fax or e-mail if you have any questions.


Suppliers often have extra material available for immediate shipment, either from growing beyond spec or from late cancellations. The following is a list of availabilities from various suppliers. Please contact us by phone, fax or e-mail if you have any other questions.

#833 Vista Farms
Bougainvillea, Ixora & Hibiscus
23 Oct, 2020
#029 Hatchett Creek Farms
Perennials, Tropicals
23 Oct, 2020
#751 Plant Source Intl.
Spring Vegetative, Herb and Specialty Geranium Cuttings
23 Oct, 2020
#936 First Step Greenhouses
Landscape Plants, including Tuffy Plants (formerly Celebrated Plants)
23 Oct, 2020
#953 James Greenhouses
Perennials, Tropicals
22 Oct, 2020
#396 AG3, Inc.
Tropical, Landscape, Perennials
21 Oct, 2020