For various reasons, including late cancellations of orders, our suppliers often have excess inventory that needs to be moved quickly. Sometimes the pricing is very special while at other times material in high demand becomes available. In either case you should place orders immediately if you want the material. Please contact us by phone, fax or e-mail if you have any questions.


Suppliers often have extra material available for immediate shipment, either from growing beyond spec or from late cancellations. The following is a list of availabilities from various suppliers. Please contact us by phone, fax or e-mail if you have any other questions.


#746 Moss Hill Foliage
18 Aug, 2017
#396 AG3, Inc.
Tropical, Landscape, Perennials
18 Aug, 2017
#953 James Greenhouses
18 Aug, 2017
#936 First Step Greenhouses
Landscape Plants, including Tuffy Plants (formerly Celebrated Plants)
18 Aug, 2017
#548 Speedling, Inc.
18 Aug, 2017
#029 Hatchett Creek Farms
Perennials, Tropicals
17 Aug, 2017
Distributor Specialty Lines
Posted: 16 Aug, 2017

We are proud to be distributors of some amazing lines! These include, but are not exclusive to the following:

Botany Lane Succulents Catalog

C Stars Nursery Plumeria Brochure

Costa Rica Bare Root Liriope/Daylilies/Dianella/Society Garlic Catalog

Dianthus Kahori Brochure

Danziger North America Catalog

Dümmen Orange  Annuals Volume 1  Annuals Volume 2   Perennials   Succulents

                                (Poinsettias: Ecke) Catalog

                                (Poinsettias: Red Fox) Catalog

Emerald Coast Growers  Catalog

Golden State Bulb (Callas)  Catalog

Greenheart Farms Catalog

Hatchett Creek Farms Catalog

Hawaiian Sunsine Nursery Brochure

Hollywood Hibiscus Brochure

Holt Nurseries Brochure

Knox Nursery Availability  Availability

Rineheart Poinsettias Brochure

Rod Prejean Nursery Adenium

Sunfire Nurseries Link to Sunrosas    Link to Hibiscus

SunHosta Brochure

Sunpatiens Impatiens Link to website

Sunshine Horticulture Catalog

SunStanding Impatiens  Brochure/Growing Information

Suntory Collection Catalog

Syngenta   Seeds   Mums

Thailand Plants  Catalog 

Tradewinds Hibiscus Brochure/Growing Information

Tuffy Plants  Catalog

Vivero International Catalog